Honoring Uniqueness

We are all pioneers of our uncharted becoming.

Being a spiritual being incarnated in this human body permits us to experience diversity, separation and growth. It also permits us to bring our very own light into the world, our very own voice, our own strength, our own particular and unrepeatable set of skills.
I believe that honoring this uniqueness is one of my sacred duties in this life I am embodied for.

We are all here to experience what we call Life. That is a universal assignment. No matter what, we will go the course and one day depart from this human body. We can choose to hum along and follow the current paradigm, day in and day out. But then, we also have the ability to enhance our experience and make it extraordinary meaningful by applying our intelligence, our willingness, our intention, to manifest a life based on our very own set of skills, our own calling, what makes us vibrate at the highest frequency no matter what circumstances around us can be.

There is a common belief and unspoken agreement for most people in our “civilized” societies, that life is something that happens to us.  That we have but very small power onto our destiny. That following the choices of our group, our society, our era, is what will get us through. Very few individuals actually step aside and invest on self discovery with complete dedication and trust that it will bring them to become the highest, most evolved version of themselves… Very few people yet (though there is a significant awakening going on), feel entitled to go boldly in the direction of their true desire to design a life they love, in which they can thrive, unapologetically.

We have been raised, most of us, to fit, to serve the system in place, to follow the common path, to accept what is the accepted “truth” of the moment. Keep in mind, there was a time not so long ago, when it was firmly believed the Earth was flat! Yes.
A few independent spirits, however, in each era, has refused the formatting of their time, and went out on a limb, to explore the growing edge of their consciousness, the expansiveness of their connection with the universe, the myriads of possibilities in their perception of the phenomenon of Life…
It takes bravery to step away from common sense and explore the uncharted territories of oneself. It takes dedication and open mindedness. It takes a adventurous mind…

But then, one gets to give the world an unadulterated gift that is never to be seen again, in their uniqueness, and their stepping into the unknown pulls the entire species forward.

There is nothing selfish nor inappropriate in taking the time and the means to discover what makes you tick, what makes you profoundly happy, what makes you come alive. It is what you came here for. Following a path that has you walk in self mastery is not only giving yourself a loving gift, but to the world around you as well. You will never serve as much as when you are vibrating at your higher level of aliveness.

Honoring our Uniqueness is the stepping stone every day for a fulfilling, radiating, useful life. There is no doubt in my mind about this. Use the power of your mind, your ability to think, your sensorial abilities as well as your never ending connection to the whole encompassing energy of Creation to discern what is true to You. What makes your heart feel warmer, what makes you smile and stride confidently in the direction of tomorrow.

To your Uniqueness.

More later…

In Concord, MA on the grounds of transcendentalist philosophers: Emerson, Thoreau, Fuller...
In Concord, MA on the grounds of transcendentalist philosophers: Emerson, Thoreau, Fuller…

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