Expanding our palette

The Call for more

If you are like me, you want to grow, expand and thrive in what you do. There is a call in you to become more… So, why do we find ourselves stuck sometimes, loosing momentum, and how can we get keep ourselves moving upward? How do we keep expanding our palette?

Beware the Comfort Zone!

In Art as in any other activity, even if one is passionate, the comfort of doing more of what we know is extremely tempting and reassuring. Pausing and enjoying my comfort zone is something I regularly do, of course. But staying there too long is a death trap for our personal development, and I am acutely aware of it.

Explore uncharted territories

That being said, the excitement and pleasure found in exploring uncharted territories is eventually what pulls me out of the sweet lull of contentment… I guess I get restless and new things get my attention. Now it could be considered as getting unfocused or distracted and not serving my primary, essential core work. But it is not so. If I were to paint always the same thing in a predictable way, I would only trade on old ground… Perish the thought.

We are expansive beings

We, humans, have amazing learning skills. We can stretch our limits again and again while adding tools in our virtual tool box, until we die. Exploring is in our blueprint. It is what we do, since our apparition. It is our very nature to transcend our fears and live on the edge of our becoming. When I first offered my services as a life coach, I had to reach deep to put myself out there, for all to see. But I had to do it. I was doing it. It was right. Today it keeps me on my toes.

Grow further. Don’t grow old.

Growing is exciting, rewarding, often exhilarating and we spend the first 2 decades of our life doing it mostly unaware, only pushed forward by Life force and curiosity, desire to experience more. It seems that for many of us, the edge of that desire gets dulled by daily life’s culturally acceptable requirements. While it may feel safe to settle and keep a gentle routine going, it really doesn’t serve us well as individuals nor as a species. Beside, as safe and settled as we can get, at the end we die.

Get out and get curious

Keep the fire of curiosity and the spur of desire going and you will surprise yourself. We live in a time and space where so many opportunities come to our awareness that all we have to do is to pick what really makes us come alive.

What makes your heart sing

When we try something new, we take the risk to fall flat on our face, but then, we also take a chance to grow exponentially! Heeding the call of our heart we leap over our fears and try things that scare us because it stokes our inner fire… Is there a better way to live? Not for me; I truly intend to keep myself on the edge until my life on Earth is over.

What is it that scares you almost as much as it makes your heart sing? Where does your soul pull you to go that feels like a big stretch ? What makes the butterflies flutter in your stomach ? That is your growing edge. Dare stay there. Amaze yourself.

To your exponential becoming…!

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