Partners in Believing

Anyone who significantly transformed their life will tell you: “normal” behavior, social context, family patterns, powerful mass media and common sense are not helping and
the pull of old habits is tremendous.
And risky for the results.
No matter how far we leap forward, it will most likely take a certain amount of time to reflect in our physical reality. As it takes a certain amount of time of growth underground before a seedling breaks the surface of the soil, there is a period of invisible transformation between our decision to change our results and their manifestation.
Staying confident in the face of current circumstances and in the absence of evidence.
Not for sissies.
Resilience and a sheer amount of blind faith required.
And even then, there might be times of doubt, anxiety, impatience, and sliding back into old patterns… which all delay the coming of dreamed results.
That is when having a booster makes all the difference…
Partners in believing.
A friend, a mentor, a coach, a group, to support our belief and reassure us that we CAN transform our reality. A supportive structure or individual who will keep us firm on our transforming path !
Having a “Belief Buddy” makes all the difference between loosing faith and falling back into all habits OR keeping our dream alive and walking confidently toward our goal!
The absolute must is unshakable faith in our ability to reach our goal and “see” it realized when we start to loose momentum, to feel powerless or to be tempted to quit.
A coach will do that. Professionally and consistently providing us with empowering feedback and structured support, faith in our power comes with proven tools for growth.
A group of same minded souls will also provide valuable support through varied voices and give an opportunity to compare results and what works best.
Birds of a feather…
A partner in belief, more like a friend, will be aware of what we really want and reaching for a big goal themselves. Which is wonderful because there is a constant dynamic of growth and achievement with supportive feed back going both ways from one another.
Wanting to fly…
The Wright brothers had each other to keep alive their vision of flying machines.
When the whole world was telling them it was pure foolishness, they told each other: “I can see us up there, brother!” I believe it was an essential key in their success, considering the negative context in which they lived.

Personal growth, transforming results and reaching for a bigger, freer, more powerful life takes work.
It takes a burning desire. It takes awareness and practice.
Growth is something we can achieve on our own if there is no better choice; but if you can find a genuine partner in believing, to go the distance with you, never pass that opportunity, and the joy of sharing the journey!

To your empowering beliefs!

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