The exquisite exhilaration of being…

The other day, as I drove about, enjoying the smooth feeling of my wheels on the asphalt, a part of my brain registering Nature’s wonders on both sides of the road, I found myself having the most delicious feeling of freedom, acutely aware at that very moment of being alive, conscious, and totally in love with my life.
It’s a joyous, sensual, spontaneous feeling that comes in waves, an all encompassing hyper receptivity to the bounty of living: it happens in many situations and surroundings, when my mind is open and uncluttered…
That day, the light pouring over the water, the dynamic lines of birds, the air streaming on my face, the smells in it, the sounds of nature stitched on the quiet humming of my tires on the road, the pleasure of holding the wheel, all participated to a kind of exultation, a vibration, a delicious ability to appreciate and celebrate being alive, right then and there, and I let myself luxuriate in it, savor it, linger in it with complete abandon.
Of course it is human nature to cycle through variable moods and states of being. Of course, there are periods of time where I disconnect, losing sight of what is really at the core, forgetting the unlimited power of appreciation and the gratitude that accompanies it. Of course many hours are spent with petty concerns and useless evaluations. Yes.
But then, like a blue spot on a cloudy day, like a soft fragrant whisper in the air, redolent of blooming jasmine on a hot afternoon, like a virtual embrace, a kiss of all senses, a splash of intense glee cursing in the blood… there are those pools of lightness, those moments of pure wholeness, of unmitigated bliss, of raw primal aliveness… maybe something like what the lion feels while basking in the sun…
That is the exquisite exhilaration of Being.
It simply requires openness, willingness, desire, and absolute faith in the magnificent, the unfathomable perfection of what brought us forth, what keeps the Earth spinning and the stars from falling. The exact same force that flows my blood and sparks my thoughts.
Let the natural pause of Equinox remind us to contemplate, to taste, to revel in being here while everything comes to pass and around again, refreshed and renewed, recycled, as the world is being born to itself over and over… Let us be light on our feet, let us be reverent and give kudos to Life.
Let us be in awe. Let us be inspired. Let us defy gravity…
Happy Autumn!

More later…


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