In the face of darkness

What a better time of the year than now, at the threshold of Winter, sliding toward a long series of holidays, celebrations, rituals, gatherings, to explore inner realms… The days shorten and our gregariousness increases, as we prepare for shared time, offerings, cozy evenings and reassuring warmth. There is that primal need for fire and light, for stocked food and wood piles… Either pagan, orthodox or agnostic, lots of us have an inclination to brighten our indoor life in the face of wintry outdoors, and to celebrate being alive by sharing. Sharing time, shelter, food, music, gifts, religious practices, social traditions… Sharing light.

We need light, and more than in the form of photons, either from sun or other means. We need light as in lightness. (Did you ever ponder on the word “lightness”? Of light nature = being weightless). Light as in shining through, illuminating, beaming, emanating brilliance in any form…

Darkness is part of this world. And it is part of contrast. Without it light could not really be defined, could it? But it is also synonym of hard times, fear, ignorance, isolation and despair. We live in a world today where darkness seems to have its way with us, many times too often. But maybe, it always has, to an extend. And maybe, it is what prompts us to seek for the glory of shining radiance, in and out.

I paint for light. I paint with light. And I have been painting for many years with the intention to resonate with our inner ability to shine, to feel light, to look at the sunny side, to bring our mind back in alignment with the peaceful, joyful inner glow of being in awe with Life. Evoking the faintest glimmer of hope in a mind focused on worry or grief is a great success for me, if I can in anyone, by the means of an image or anything else… Triggering a sigh of relief, a bright smile of primal glee, that means the world to me. Shining some light, sparking up spirits, makes us ever more brilliant…

We all wish we could change the world around us. The circumstances in our life, or the life of loved ones. Of entire countries. Of the whole planet. There is only one starting point to do this and it is inside ourselves. First we need to recognize that at the core, we all have a connection with a force that is bigger than us. With an all encompassing luminous intelligence that keeps our heart beating and the sky full of shimmering stars, without missing a beat. Let it sink in. Appreciating our true nature, our sparkle, our infinite and unique participation to this miraculous state of being alive now. Getting in touch with it is the springboard, the touch stone, the view point from where we can really become luminaries in the face of darkness.

Once more aware of that connection to the essence of Life, we are feeling part of this universal wonder that is in everything, feeling in harmony, and emanating a contagious glow, things look brighter, easier, loneliness falls away, gratitude and peace settle in.

Let’s use this time of longer nights to give appreciation to everything that illuminates our life and endeavor to reverberate it onto the world. Let us be the light we seek to find around. Let us be brilliant and powerful and humbled by it, let us focus on what we really are, what we are here for, what it means to be humans. In the face of darkness, let there be Light… Let us be light.

May your winter be full of sparkle !

More later…






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