Feng Shui your creative flow

What do Feng Sui and creative flow have in common will you ask ?

They are both about energy flow. (As is everything anyway).
I have been an independent artist for many years. My quality of life literally depends on my creative flow.
So it’s something I watch, nurture and surrender to, on a daily basis.

In Feng Shui, the flow of the Qi is best when meandering… Not rushing, not stagnating.
Meandering. Taking its sweet time, switch backs and curves, leisurely pace and all…
Accordingly to Elliot Jay Tanzer, “Meandering qi is nourishing and easy to accumulate…./…Good qi enables us to maintain concentration, productivity, and enthusiasm…”

What if as an Artist, I applied this several thousands years old principle to my creative process ?
I seem to have been doing that instinctively at times and it has been easy to be, easy to navigate, easy to enjoy.
When I am “meandering” I don’t get burnt out, I don’t get dry, I don’t scramble for the next big thing, I don’t rush into execution… I just paint, draw, reflect, look at the world and everything falls in place as it ought to.

Until now, and despite my long time interest for Feng Sui, I had not actually seen clearly the analogy between ideal Qi flow or Sheng Qi, and my favorite way to work…

Awareness will now permit me to remind myself when I need it, that meandering is life giving and up lifting.
If it’s true for the Qi (Qi being the “isness” in everything) it is true for my creative juice.It feels right at home.

Can you tell I was meandering when I painted these ? Nothing forced, nothing rushed…

the smell of rainxoxofrommaui
To your own meandering…!
May you meander blissfully to your destination… making the journey a succession of delightful experiences.

*Read more about Feng Shui by Elliot Jay Tanzer: http://abodetao.com/feng-shui-guidelines-to-energy-flow-analysis-what-is-qi-and-how-qi-flows/

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