Hello everyone!
The first tool and forever main, in the process of transforming one’s life, is Awareness.
Awareness is literally the compass by which one keeps adjusting the trajectory of one’s every step.
It gives us specific, reliable knowledge of our current situation and surroundings, of our shifts of emotion and generally of the relationship moment by moment between without and within.
All comes to my consciousness as clearly as I choose to be aware of it.
Awareness entails a state of intense curiosity for what is and an avid openness to understanding and refining our perception of it.
It is about growing our antennae, our feelers, so to speak, endlessly monitoring simultaneously our inner state, our thoughts, and our outer circumstances.
By requirement non-judgemental, it can be developed and fine tuned into the most useful tool of guidance toward what ever goal we seek to achieve.
Having a strong desire or definite goal and not using our awareness to reach it, is like walking blindly and at random through uncharted territories, hoping to find exactly what we want.
Awareness is our great ally in becoming who we can become in our projected vision of a better life.
That means we will use our awareness to observe what is now, and also project it to imagine vividly how it will feel to be free, famous, healthy, wealthy, philanthropic, happily married…/… feel the blank.
We want to grow aware of what behavior, thoughts, actions and attitudes that dream of ours encompasses.
Applied awareness permits us to become who we have to be in our dreamed circumstances, to match the quality of presence and the mental model that belong to the kind of life we long for.
As for any other tool or skill, it is a matter of practice and endless repetition that we can develop our awareness; we do that simply by taking notice.

This particular skill of noticing can be developed and widely expanded over time, for our greatest benefit.
In a very gentle way, because we are all looking for something, if we replace being distracted and critical with being present and aware, we are well on our way on our journey into transformation.

In joy and gratitude


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