First post of the year…

Well, this is daunting… what do I want to “open” the year with ?

I’ll spare you the old list of resolutions routine… except for one: I decided to drink a lot more water… Simple thing that helps my body functions in all kinds of ways… at the condition to do it every day.

I was talking with a friend of mine yesterday and I noticed that lately a great number of my thoughts and conversations were about change… The need to change, the natural flow of changes, the desire for change, the many ways to induce it…

It seems to me that most people do not like changes in general.  Unless of course for people in dire situations and poor health, who would love to see radical ones happen. And perhaps even for those, I believe change in its many forms is easily overwhelming and often accompanied by discomfort, at least temporarily. We seem to be reassured by strong habits and stable surroundings. But like it or not though, everything is meant to undergo changes…and we can either go with it gracefully or resist it painfully.

That being said, there are also plenty of situations where we can stay passive and endure what ever is less than right for us or where we can instead decide to be our own agent of change, our own conductor so to speak.

Some of us will go at it in a radical way and swerve their lives or behaviors onto another direction with great gusto as soon as they realize their need for it or as soon as they have  become ready for it. Results are variable and consistency can be tricky.

Others choose to hire a coach and take a steady approach of increasing modifications and choices that bring on a new state. That is an efficient way to go, at the condition to find the coach that will feel and do right by us. Fortunately, there are many kinds of them available.

Most of us, unfortunately, just procrastinate.

We can see that things could be improved, behaviors could be modified, goals could be reached and health could be restored, or financial security obtained, or relationships improved… whatever. We can see it, but it looks like having to move mountains to get there. So we stall. We ponder, we mull it over, we sit on it, we look at it from afar, meanwhile keeping on steadily with our old same old.

There is something to be reminded here: the slightest degree of change today will have incredible effects in a few years from now.

A tiny degree of change on our inner dial now, and our whole trajectory will be altered tremendously !

A single tiny bitty change today can actually save your life down the line or make you 40 pounds thinner, or give you the cash you need for a project… or the relationship you dream of… or anything you set for.

Just a small degree of orientation toward what we are seeking, or in other words a tiny step away from what we want to leave behind… but every day, day after day after day… stubbornly, deliberately, and in a few years the whole landscape is different ! That’s exactly why I’m going to drink a nice glass of water right this minute.

To your changes…!  

More later…

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