Grateful Jubilation and Spaciousness Within…

It’s not new; many ancient practices, philosophies, and scriptures point in the same direction: to create inner spaciousness brings forth awareness, clarity and empowerment. Which ultimately translate in a greater life, better health and keeps the door open to Serendipity.

Scientists have been connecting the dots and it is becoming common knowledge now, that we do have a great influence on our body biology as well as on our outside circumstances when we focus our mind on something long enough to elicit emotional reactions, or to pacify them.

Plenty of studies have been conducted, measuring people’s brain activity, heart beat, blood pressure and hormonal levels, while meditating or focusing on a calming subject, or simply holding tight to a clearly positive belief. The results are very revealing: our thoughts, our subjects of focus, our perspective in life all have a tremendous effect on what scientists thought until now to be relevant to automatic bodily functions, genetic dispositions or external circumstances.

In parallel to this, one of the premises of Quantum Theory is that the very act of watching  does affect the reality of what is being watched. That’s not small feat.

The cutting edge school of thought in life coaching and in alternative healing both reside in the application of this basic proposition: what you focus on the most is what you bring forth. Very simple. The Law of Attraction in a nutshell.

Hhhmmm… Then there is this: when you think, are you governed by your thoughts or are you governing them? Because if you are able to observe yourself thinking a thought… and if you can learn how to dissolve that thought into nothingness or swap it for a different thought, then not only can you decide what kind of ecology you prefer to cultivate in your mind and therefore be in charge of your feelings, in any kind of circumstances, which is already wonderful, but you can also, by simple discipline of focus, draw forth different circumstances…

I have been learning and integrating these principles for years. Fascinated by the law of attraction, the prospect of manifesting, the empowering perspective that we do indeed, have an influence beyond the obvious surface of things. Years ago, I decided that I preferred to be empowered than victimized. Learning that by focusing my thoughts, de-cluttering my mind and elevating my inner degree of contentment and peace I actually can turn my life around is definitely something that seemed to be worth the effort and I was game. I threw myself into learning about it: books, web casts, motivational speeches, videos, vision boards, mental imagery, affirmations, journaling… and practice.

After all, you see, every day that I am alive, I am entertaining a large number of thoughts. Why not taking responsibility for the KIND of thoughts they’ll be? Does it cost me much? No. Only attention and dedication. Can’t hurt, can it ?  One of my favorite tools is taking a big breath, chill out,  and give thanks for the gold nugget in everything. Presuming that there is one, no matter what… and be open to it.

Let’s go back for a minute. Years ago when I started receiving clients at my artist studio, and selling my paintings with more professionalism, I observed a very frequent phenomenon: people would come in, look at my work, take a big breath, sigh heavily, smile, relax…and tell me how the work they looked at made them FEEL. Interesting, I thought. And exhilarating really. I just loved having that cool effect on people! So from then on, I made sure to cultivate the intention and the skills to paint scenes that elicited instant soothing of the mind, primal joy, quiet jubilation… and it worked. Still does, I see it happen every day. Looking at a large blue sky, in which wispy clouds stretch by, a few strands of grass bending in the wind, sunrise pastels, symbolic portals, a branch of Gingko suspended in greenness, it all serves the same purpose: giving a safe spacious place for the mind to rest, unwind, relax, triggering very healthy responses in the whole body, and opening us to an entirely new perspective on things at that moment in time.

One can do that with music. Brain waves, hypnosis, transcendental meditation, yoga… you name it. The key word is Spaciousness. As in freeing up space in your mind. Enlarging the view. Letting go of busyness. Quieting the chatter.

I had chosen to convey that quietness, that spaciousness, simply because it brought relief, joy, peacefulness to people, in a world that goes bonkers with stress; then I started immersing myself into what a focused mind can help manifest. At a certain point, both things just merged, very naturally, and I realized that my work could go a lot further… Since then, I simultaneously keep on learning more about focus and clarity and I paint ever more so to brighten people’s daily reality, give them a mind oasis to relax and refresh, a virtual place to escape to.

I am so very grateful, so jubilant, so thrilled, to do what I do…! Not only I adore playing with colors and forms, but I get to stimulate something deeply positive, sane, joyful and universal through the power of images, in me first,while painting, then in the viewer, you…

There is a whole lot more in Art than decoration or beauty or provocation. Art can awaken. Art can create peace. Art can sharpen the mind, elevate performances… A R T can enchant you. I am infinitely grateful to be in a place where I can shine my light, and illuminate dailiness just by bringing spaciousness within… Thank you for being receptive to it. Thank you for your love of life, your awareness, your appreciation, thank you for being my reader today.

Happy Thanksgiving!          

More later…   Emmeline in front of paintings by Eric Graham Photography


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