Gratitude: A Magic Wand

If I had only one tool to give you, I’d choose to share the practice of Gratitude.
To frequently engage in feeling grateful is an amazing practice.
Now, I am not talking about having a fleeting thought here and there, but about genuine immersion of oneself in the luxury of gut warming, heart opening, joy inducing Gratitude.
The kind of which you feel when all a sudden all is in order, a loved one heals or the sunset is so awesome it makes your mind expand…
I am talking about generating gratitude inside, consciously, every day, as many times as you can think of during the day, but at least twice: once on awakening and again before sleep.
Don’t wait for some circumstance to change around you to feel grateful; at the contrary, cultivate this miraculous state of mind no matter what is happening in the world or in your life.
It will completely change your life! Not only your perception of reality, but it will bring about another kind of reality, in the best way, by the virtue of similarity in vibration.
From a metaphysical standpoint, what we think about, we bring about.
If we want new results we need to change the way we vibrate, hence our mental activity must change first. As a matter of fact, Gratitude generates a highly positive vibration. Interestingly enough, Gratitude and Abundance are said to be of similar frequency. When we feel grateful we resonate with and attract, abundance in our life.
From a scientific standpoint, Neuroscience showed that feeling grateful produces happy chemicals in our brain enhancing our health, our relationships and our well being in general.

So, you’ll ask, how does one practice Gratitude?
First of all it requires to start focusing on goodness, rather than on what’s wrong (as we do, thanks to our hardwired survival habit of looking for something to fear…). Easy to say but it takes a lot of attention to catch our own mental patterns and usual thoughts.
Keep a Gratitude Journal: every day take a few minutes to write down by hand what you genuinely feel grateful about. It can be as simple as a stranger smiling at you on the street, or seeing a beautiful flower. It can be as small and as big as you think of. List it all. Just doing this will feel VERY good, and will train your mind to look for the good.
Give thanks often: when something nice happens and you are aware of it, give thanks, silently or aloud, to a person, a situation, Nature, a pet, the weather…
Feel how alive you are. We often take being alive for granted. Try getting into the habit of thanking Life itself, when you wake up! Good tune up.
Dwell upon all things beautiful. Take a second to appreciate beauty in all forms…
Look for the gold nugget in everything. Orient your mind to what could possibly be good in any situation.
Go for a Gratitude Rampage! Get into a gratitude rampage, unraveling more and more as you go, impromptu and randomly enumerating every thing you can think of, at a quick pace, with great gusto! You can do that with someone it’s even more fun.

The more you do it, the more it works. Doing any or all of the above will quickly shift your habitual perception and bring amazing changes in your life and the way you feel. Of course, like with any practice, frequency is key.
All it takes is the will to see: there is always something to be grateful about.

I am grateful to be here and share what I know can transform lives in the deepest way.

What are you grateful about?

Take a moment and write it down…

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