We are powerful creators

We live in an intelligent universe where everything is vibration. Energy.
We are ourselves vibrational beings in this world, so indeed we interact with it.
It’s not optional, we do it constantly.

Most of us do it unaware.
We are endlessly emitting vibrations; endlessly attracting.
The universe organizes itself around us relatively.
But I can choose what kind of thoughts I want to entertain at any given time, as a purposeful thinker.
I am the one doing the thinking.

I can think thoughts that will generate a positive, empowering frequency.

This frequency emitted into the ether, becomes a magnet for all matching things, beings, situations and circumstances that can exist at that same frequency.
Hence the Law Of Attraction we hear about.
That’s why it is said that “Worrying is like praying for something we don’t want”.
What we focus on, what we think about, the over all frequency in which we vibrate on a regular basis, is the catalyst of our results in the real world.
It is my choice to let my thoughts run amok or instead be trained, organized and generated toward a particular goal, consciously.

Nobody can think my thoughts for me.

This is the one domain where I have absolute freedom and ownership.
This is actually the most powerful tool we possess at any given time, no matter where we are and in which physical state; no matter how rich or poor, no matter our age, our race or our situation.
If we are conscious, we can generate the thoughts we want for as long as we choose.

As we practice we get more aware of our particular frequency at any given time.

Of course things happen, and they are part of our learning.
Of course one day our terrestrial form will stop breathing. But until then we can thrive.
We don’t have to drift erratically on a sea of ordinary randomness.
We can influence our destiny greatly.
As for any learning, having support and guidance along the way is a major factor of success.

However it is the most significant tool.

Don’t get discouraged if it takes time.

Growth is always invisible before the first leaves appear above ground.

We are powerful creators.

Let’s make sure we align our thoughts with what we wish for.

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