Gratitude is like a warm blanket

Dear one, on Thanksgiving day (one of my most favorite holidays), which is a traditional occasion for big family gatherings and food feasts, my thoughts have been on gratitude, more so than usual.

On a regular basis I practice gratitude, and I try to start my days right after waking up, with a focus on what I am grateful for, and the wonder of being alive to begin with…

Gratitude is like a warm blanket we can wrap ourselves in, no matter where we are and what is going on.

We just get so taken with the affairs of the world, and what ever can be a source of concern in our own lives that sometimes it feels overwhelming, and delusional to talk about feeling thankful…

Yet, there is so much to be thankful about!

As I am here, writing to you, breathing freely, in my cosy home, redolent of delicious food aromas, there is already cause for immense gratitude in what I’m concerned…

In the world as well, so many good willed people, so many positive initiatives, so much beauty that need only for us to shift our focus to be the source of awe and wonder that they really are…

It is only a question of focus, always.

There is no question that many things need to be righted, and bettered, no question that we have to be aware and to take action, no question that not all is well… but if we deliberately choose to live in a state of wonder and gratitude, we not only permit our body to relax and our mind to lighten up, but we lighten the entire world… We become a beacon of light.

And we feel comforted, which gives us the strength to address what needs our best skills and spirit to evolve with us, by us, through us.

I invite you to join me in weaving a warm blanket of gratitude today, and to feel its comforting effect, to let your guard down, to put your worry on hold and to surrender to the beauty of the moment, right now, as you read this…

Feel the incredible wonder of the Universe we are part of… Feel the wonder of you…

And if it feels good to you, let’s do this again tomorrow, and every day, so together we lift up the world around us and in us.

Know that you are loved.


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