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The proven power of art in your home

Conributed by Gabrielle Gardiner on behalf of The Zebra.

There’s no doubt that surrounding yourself with curated artwork has many health and mental benefits. According to studies at Harvard, viewing art displays is shown to reduce stress and anxiety. Imagine if you truly focused on maximizing the healing power of art in your own home?  Art provokes a wide range of human emotions—often inspiring feelings of love, connection, and pleasure in a space. With a long winter ahead, now is the perfect time to invest in your well-being by decorating your home more colorfully and thoughtfully. 

Once you realize the evidence-based benefits of art in the home, it’s a no-brainer. Check out these tangible benefits of displaying artwork below:

  • Decreases stress levels
  • Drives conversation and connection
  • Promotes critical thinking and creativity
  • Fosters empathy, love, and pleasure
  • Adds personality
  • Builds an investment

You’ll quickly realize you can’t go wrong when selecting uplifting artwork. The more you hone in on creating an inviting environment that fosters stress relief, pleasure, connection, the more powerful the long-term positive effects will be. Here are some quick tips for curating art: 

  • Start with your personal style
  • Pick pieces with thought
  • Know how to display your art
  • Protect your investment

When curating art, start with an inspiration board that brings together your personality and budget. Don’t be afraid to embrace color and texture and pick pieces with meaning. Hang pieces at eye level to optimize for viewing and enjoyment. The thought process behind your art choices is bound to serve as a conversation starter and will be appreciated by future house guests.

Here are wonderful info graphics shared by The Zebra

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