Heeding Our Soul Compass

Recently, I had a rather deep conversation with a perfect stranger who visited my art gallery and as I reflected on the very essence of what I felt compelled to tell her, I realized that in a few words it was very simple: “Don’t argue with your soul seated truth!”
We are equipped with a constantly working spiritual GPS : our Greater Perception System: it’s called intuition and it is one of the ways our soul let us know what we need to know, regardless of logic, time or space.
Intuition, or instinctive awareness, is always available, though seldom listen to because of its lack of logic and rationality. We like linear, logical, predictable unfolding. We are living in a culture that values cold hard facts and disregards irrational inklings.
When ever our intuition knocks at the door of our conscious mind, we tend to dismiss it quickly. And the more far fetched or disturbing its message, the quicker we override it.
Unfortunately, the most useful messages are also the ones that do not make sense or call for uncomfortable changes.
Getting finely tuned into our inner GPS, that supra human part of us that expresses itself for our greater good by means of hunches, break through ideas, intuitions and gut feelings is not only possible, it is required if we want to allow ourselves to thrive beyond a narrow reality bandwidth.
In her beautiful book “Mind over medicine” Dr Lissa Rankin says that when she asked the question “What Does Your Body Need In Order To Heal?” to her patients, they said things like: “I need to leave my toxic relationship” or “I need to go live in Arizona”. If they did follow their inner compass and heeded their intuition, they got better quickly.
The beautiful truth, the truth that sets up free and flying, is not always convenient, as it rarely fits in our comfortable routine, but it is never misleading.
As humans, we have the ability to make choices every day, every minute of every day, and these choices are the rudder that guides our life to dry dock or to open water. Either way we can, until our last breath, decide to invest our time toward thriving or toward shriveling.
Using our intuition to make these choices is astute and can be honed into a very efficient skill that gets better as we practice it.
Intuition is a highly valuable form of intelligence as it could be compared to downloading directly from the universal, all encompassing, intelligence that animates everything.
We just need to quieten our fears and listen to it, as it is the voice of our deepest desire to grow, to live, to expand and to become.
When we do this, doors open were there seemed to be only walls, miracles occur, wellness comes back and serendipity brings us daily gifts. Reversely, when we let our well organized schedules, habits, circles or society lord over our decisions, we muffle the voice of our unique soul seated truth and it will try to be heard by other means, always louder, up to the dreadful disease or accident… the well named “wake up call”.
Don’t argue with your soul seated truth. Take the gift, as it is one. Listen closely. Make choices that will set you free to fly, even if the price is to relinquish some of your current relations or means of living.
Down the line, the happy, healthy version of you will thank you for it.
Much love to you.

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