I choose happiness

Choosing happiness is a deliberate attitude toward Life that not only permits you to thrive, it also shines light onto the world.

Nothing selfish about it.

Happiness, contentment, joy, and gratitude, are not “happening” to us.

They are feelings that we can generate from the inside out, by focusing on what is already good and what an incredible journey it is to be alive and experiencing this human journey…

No matter what is happening in our life, good and less good, we have the poweer and the freedom, to choose how we want to look at it and what we want to make of it.

Whatever conditions we are facing, we have the freedom to decide if we will take it in stride and meet Life where it is now, or let it upset is and ruin the day.

Whatever challenges we encounter, or loss, or unexpected occurrences, we still have the liberty to choose what we will consider it to be: a challenge and an opportunity to grow or a drama and a reason to shrink into victimhood.

Every single day.

I choose happiness.
Even when I am momentarily sad, there is a kernel of joy inside of me, that I keep cultivating.

You can too.
It’s a skill. A learnable skill.
It doesn’t have to be attached to anything outside of you.

We were born with the ability to be happy.
It doesn’t mean that we can’t feel the whole gamut of human emotions. We still can.
But we don’t let ourselves lose our primal joy, with which we were born.

Remember that Joy is part of you.

Happy New Year!

Art by Carla Seaton.


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