Knowing versus doing

By learning new concepts and new tools we acquire knowledge.
That means we are able to talk about the matter.
We can answer questions.
We could even teach basic principles.
Yes. That is knowing.
After years of learning about the law of attraction, metaphysical principles, energy shifts, vibrational energy and other tools for manifesting one might wonder:

“How comes I don’t have the results I want, by now?”
And I know many people in that case.
Actually, I for one, find myself in and out of the “zone” regularly!
Things flow miraculously and then all a sudden grind to a halt.

And I get stuck.
This is where I have to remind myself: there is knowing… and there is DOING.
Doing in this case is practicing.
Practicing the tools of manifestation.
Not every now and then.
Not when I have some leisure time.
Not when I feel like it.
Every day.
~Clearly stating my desire
~Envisioning the results I want.
~Embodying the person I am in the results context
~Getting quiet and asking for guidance
~Watching and adjusting my vibration through the day
~Keeping unwavering faith about positive outcome
~Gratitude giving for what is already here
~Giving away (tithing, charity, etc…)
~Quieting doubts and fears
~Treating myself with utter care and loving regard
~Looking for the good always
~Letting go of judgement and blame
~Taking action steps no matter how small
~Staying connected to the whole and to Spirit
~Loving the journey

In my case, more particularly making time for envisioning (similar to day dreaming, with a purpose) and letting go of judgement, along with quiet connection to Spirit.
We all have strong skills and weaker ones.
Some people have a hard time envisioning vividly what the y want.
Some people are ridden with fear.
Others get wrapped up in circumstances…
We all get distracted.
Meanwhile we are sure that we “know”…and that it “SHOULD” be working!
But if it doesn’t work, we have to adjust, because the Universe is never wrong.
Our results are unfailingly reflecting where we are on the path.
And what we know about push ups doesn’t give us muscle mass.
Knowing does nothing for us as long as we don’t apply in action, thought and feeling.
If we want new results, knowing is not enough.
Doing different, feeling different, BEING different will bring different results.
We manifest accordingly to where we are on the journey.
SO don’t despair if your results are not there yet.
Go back to what you do know, and apply it.
Every day.
Loving ourselves unconditionally in the process (no blame, remember?)
The principles are simple, but they require persistence.
To your success!


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