Mental Diet

Since our mental climate commands our energetic vibration which in return, bring about what we attract, it is of the utmost importance to rein in our wandering mind and keep it focused on thoughts that carry the highest frequency we can muster.
Easy to understand. A simple practice that requires nothing else than our awareness and willingness to let go of old thoughts patterns.
Simple yes… But definitely challenging for most of us.
Yes, it is simple and doable any time anywhere, at no cost, silently, in the privacy of our mind…
If we are willing to drop the strong addiction to contemplate what doesn’t please us.
Willing to let go of the pernicious habit to dwell, to criticize, to condemn, to dread, to judge and to complain.
Let your mind roam free and sure enough, you will hear the on-going chatter that is common thinking, the random jumping from a reason to get upset to another.
Further more: in our society all media are feeding that particular tendency of the mind.
It is up to us to realize that it is indeed an addiction and a very destructive one at that!
For when we spend time dwelling on the wrong, we not only manifest more of it but we waste precious time that could be used to create a better world. Not to mention the effect toxic thoughts (negative, angry, fearful, worrisome thoughts) have on our health…
Let’s face it: we are so addicted to this orientation of the mind that we rationalize it: “I need to know what’s going on”, “I can’t be happy when people suffer”, “I would feel guilty to ignore what’s happening”, “there IS a lot of bad happening”, etc…
By dwelling, talking and ruminating do we actually help ourselves or others? Not at all.
Acknowledging quickly what we notice and take actions steps toward solutions can help.
Having a creative, positive mind can help. Keeping an uplifting attitude can help.
Let’s get back to our first consideration.
It is essential to train our mind to focus on the good. Thinking about what makes us expand, what makes us feel good, what brings a smile or a sigh of contentment will immediately elevate our vibratory frequency. Thus attracting what is of the same nature. The higher the better.
Is it selfish? No, because it does elevate the over all vibration of the world.
Is it foolish? No, it has been used and demonstrated for generations and science starts backing it up.
Is it efficient? Yes it is. You can’t change your thought patterns and not have amazing tangible results! Or put another way: you will transform your circumstances ONLY if you change your mental habits.
There is a wonderful little pamphlet about this, written in the 1930s, by Emmet Fox, called “the 7 days mental diet”.
It teaches this remarkably simple and quiet practice of keeping our mind away from dwelling and worrying and judging. For 7 days uninterrupted. I invite you experience it.
The thing is, it actually will change your life if you do.
I know because I did.

To your powerful mind ! Enjoy the new life…

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