Mindful business

In business there is busyness…
Any small business owner knows how easy it is to get buried in multitasking up to your eyeballs planning, networking, formatting, holding a space open, driving around for errands, emailing, fixing problems, shipping items, answering clients, etc…until the day becomes a hazy succession of to dos scrambling your brain and depleting your sacred fire, no matter how motivated you can be.
A flat mind in a tired body will get you nowhere.
One gets very tired, productivity declines, creativity fades, wheels are spinning non-stop and the vision of a lazy day off becomes a mirage further receding on the horizon…
There is more to that grim state of affairs: one can get so taken by the accumulation of daily chores and interventions that the primary dream (the pure spark of love responsible for creating the business in the first place), the clear vision fueled by intense desire for a beautiful successful, inspiring enterprise, benefiting oneself and the world at large, blends into a vague myth in the back of one’s mind.
Push the PAUSE button!
To prevent going to that point (or if you are already there), one can take a big breath, make a favorite cup of whatever brings sober comfort, turn off all devices and give oneself at least 15 minutes to remember what one had in mind when one decided to create this actual business. What was the sacred fire about? Who was going to be awed by our endeavors? How many hours did we spend day dreaming about the impact, the results, the pride, the happiness we were going to create? Remembering permits to find our way back to the FEELING that got us started!
Mindfulness keeps the big picture visible.
Bringing back one’s feelings and hopes and vision that were the skeleton of the project, the business, before we got sidetracked by mundane issues, permits to realign with the essence of it, with the essential values that we came from to design it.  Mindfulness is what holds the big picture, while calibrating all decisions and actions accordingly. Looking at the big picture gives us sovereignty upon our planning and confidence in our future.
It’s the kind of mindset that automatically gets us to the essential and creates miracles.
A mindful business permits us to grow in harmony.
It’s easier to disengage from extreme busyness if we stay crystal clear on our main purpose, simply because it make us think from another level of consciousness, putting extraneous duties back where they belong: into the realm of letting go.
Being mindful permits to not go into distracting branches of actions that are not really serving the main purpose. It gives us a guide line to make quicker choices and higher value moves. It keeps us aligned with our ethics and our desire.
Putting mindfulness into our business has tremendous effects and consequences, not only on a personal level but in the ripples it creates in the world.

Gay Hendricks has a program for Conscious Entrepreneurs that is related to this, his recent webinar on the subject sparked the reflections above.

To your mindfulness…

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