The quiet power of visual clues

We see much more than we think we see!
We take in visual information in a continuous stream, as long as our eyes are open, about 16 to 18 hours a day. Our angle of vision is about 120 degrees.
It takes no more than 13 milliseconds to process an image. We don’t scrutinize much of it, but that doesn’t mean we don’t take it in. In a nutshell: we see a lot!

What we see can trigger our nervous system powerfully
Depending on the nature of what we see, it will be classified as neutral-safe, beneficial or dangerous and trigger different responses in our nervous system.
A stressful visual (violence, pain, grief, chaos, war) brings on a stress response. Stress triggers a cascade of reactions in our body that takes a toll (through our sympathetic system: the flight or fight mode)… Chronic stress is far from being inoffensive and actually keeps us in a state of high alert detrimental to our health and our happiness.

An uplifting visual increases our well being.
When the visual is positive, happy, desirable, it triggers a positive response and a production of well-being hormones (it switches on our parasympathetic system, which permits us to repair, grow, rest, digest, to develop immunity, to play and to learn).

Here is the kick: it doesn’t matter if the visual clue is real or recorded, virtual or imaginary!

This is why we should be aware of and be selective as much as we can about our visual surroundings.
To limit the ones we don’t want to endure. So we assist our nervous system instead of bullying it. And to give ourselves a positive environment since we see our surroundings constantly.

This is why I do what I do.
My work as an artist, based on this knowledge, is created to trigger your brain in a positive, uplifting, healing way.
I particularly believe in the power of spaciousness, within and without: uncluttered spaces and uncluttered minds give us room to thrive, learn, evolve and create. Most of all it gives us a respite from all the on-going over-stimulation. (Even positive stimulation can be exhausting.) The ancient metaphysical art of Feng Shui teaches the benefits of uncluttered space in our manifested life.
Similarly, spacious images trigger a positive response in your brain. A primal joy. The kind we get when looking at drifting clouds or a sunset, or kittens romping around, or vast fields under the breeze…

Whatever makes you feel happier when you look at it.
My art, someone else’s art, your own photos, nature channel, … whatever works and makes you feel good is worth having around to see!

In the future, try and cultivate positive visual clues, make sure they are what you really love, and spend time bathing your eyes in them.
Let them percolate and infuse inside you for your greatest benefit.
Every time you do this, you support your own well-being.

To your eyes…

More later…

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