The full Monty

Here is something I’d love to share, because if you are at all like me (a human being living in the 21st century I mean), it might really resonate one day and be the hinge on which you’ll swing the door to a crazy good life.
Many recipes, remedies, techniques, brightly promise to fix various parts of our lives, and all seem to make sense but they often don’t make a big difference for very long.
So many moving parts… Family, work, leisure, health, money, personal growth, relations, media, politics, time, purpose, aging… a juggling madness.

While deep down, a part of us longs for peace and freedom, fun and ease, we keep trying to fix one part at a time, one bit of life at a time, one disorder at a time, patching up, keeping face as much we can, finding ways to muffle the pain, the fear, or the longing, thinking that if we hold on, if we push through a little more, it’ll get better… one day. When… (feel the blank).

Comes a point where the humdrum, the frustration, or the fatigue can’t be ignored any longer.
Our body clamors for attention, our mind wants a respite, our soul finally makes it through the cracks and flags us for mercy.
That happens to many of us, at various times in life.
And maybe it won’t.
But, if it does… what’s the fix ? How do we get in control?

Well. That’s the thing. We won’t control anything outside of us, or not for long.
And it’s not about doing more in any concerned part…
In fact as long as we see separate parts in our life it might get better here and there but there will be no quantum leap. It’s about BEING.
It’s all one, you see.
The way we live reflects the way we are. By being aware of what we love, mindful of how we feel and deliberately tending to our way of being, we directly address ALL parts of our life at once.
The way we are creates the way we live.
And the WAY we live includes everything… work, love, friends, money, time, health, purpose, pleasure…
It’s seamless. Inseparable. All one.
Coherence is what brings us in the “zone”. Clarity. Consciousness. Beingness.
We are in the zone when what we love is what we do. When what we do merges with what we are.
When work is pleasurable, and pleasure is part of what builds us up. When relations are enriching, not depleting.
When purpose is loud and clear. When action is taken from desire, not fear.
When we finally swim with the current, not against.

Instead of trying to fit various requirements from various masters (real or virtual) we can make a radical choice from which everything shifts, as by miracle: WE CAN CHOOSE TO BE GUIDED BY THE DEGREE OF JOY WE FEEL AND BRING OUT IN THE WORLD.
Looks too simplistic? And yet…
When I look after my own fulfillment and choose to BE in all aspects of my life what I also want to BRING into my life, things fall into place, the weight is lifted, drama goes away, money comes in, joy runs deep, and everything feels so much simpler, and easier.
And if there is a bump in the road, I am fit enough to overcome it.
When a challenge shows up, it’s an oportunity to grow.
When unexpected happens, I have the emotional fitness to stay curious.
When pain hits, I can weather it, and see myself through.
When success arises, I can celebrate it.
When Life invites me, I can respond.
Is what I do for me, is it for others? It’s like the chicken and the egg… it’s full circle.
It doesn’t matter.
What I am, what I do, serves the whole and me… beingness, purpose, thrill, presence, joy… Life is a spectrum of infinite hues… not a series of separate boxes (a box for myself, a box for family, a box for work, a box for money…)

When one’s way of life is aligned with one’s purpose, one’s line of work, one’s service, one’s calling, one’s passion… it also carries one’s reward.
All one.
I believe that harmony, alignment, the “Zone”, the sweet spot, is at the confluence of what I enjoy doing for the sheer pleasure of it AND its usefulness to others. And the magic of it all is that no matter WHAT you do deeply love, there will be a form of it that will serve others… Know what you love.
Be, do, have it.
Don’t hold back.
The full monty. Life is too short to postpone fulfillment.
Beside, the world could use more happiness in it.

Much love


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