Dare being seen in all your glory!

Dear one,

A couple days ago a coaching conversation got me all fired up on a subject particularly close to my heart and I thought I’d share my thoughts with you… In our world full of shiny objects it’s amazing how reluctant most of us are to beam out own brightness into the world at large!

When I look around I can see sparkling spirit, wits, skills, talents and wisdom and glorious uniqueness everywhere… It’s not always been the case. In fact, i used to be very critical of myself and others, and did not see much brilliance in us, but that changed when I started my journey of deep transformation toward self love and open hearted living (I’m still working on it! Most likely a life long journey, but so worth it).

Every one of us is a different, irreplaceable, singular version of what being human can be and that in itself is beautiful….And throughout this variety, we yet have enough common traits to relate to one another would it be only for having this Earthly human experience.

Paradoxical beings that we are, we crave recognition, we need to be acknowledged and loved but we dread being fully visible for the world to see.

Most of us tend to avoid the spot light, public exposure and all together garnering too much attention.

Most of us try to blend nicely. To be average, to fit in. To not make waves and stay on the safe side of things when it comes to showing our true colors…

We are fearful of possible scrutiny, (which could reveal our futile efforts to keep up with our persona, this projection of what we believe we should be like), and we dread the vulnerability of being truly seen. Disclosure could be the end of the (our) world.

What if people saw my unredeemable flaws?

We never believe we’re good enough to be the star in our own story.

We are wired for greatness and we don’t feel worthy of it.

And yet, the light is here, inside of us, always ready to show through the cracks of our more or less elaborate pretenses.

Claiming any of that greatness and showing it can feel very egocentric, vain, undeserved, and certainly very risky.

What if I make mistakes? What if I fall on my face?

Oh sure, every now and again we feel up to helping a few friends solving problems, or we create with abandon when nobody’s looking, we sing out loud (in the shower), we write the fabulous article, using our experience, skills and talents, we shine for a little while, we glow from the exhilarating feeling of selflessness, of being truly involved, living at a higher level of beingness.

But mostly, few of us can fathom offering our riches to many, to crowds, to strangers, for all to see.

Most people are very resistant to being put in the spot light and would never think of putting themselves there deliberately. We don’t want to brag, to stand out, to toot our own horn. Improper that it would be.

We don’t want “to become the center of attention”.

We don’t want “to go big”.

We don’t feel that we could.

We don’t think we “have it in us”.

The bottom line is that we rarely feel that we are good enough.

We have that crazy idea about virtual perfection and we can never match up.

Plus we really don’t need the additional work, or the trouble, or the hassle.

And deep down, we know we’d have to get used to being great.

Our life would stretch out.

Our people would maybe not recognize us any more.

No thanks, not me, not today, ask someone else!

But then, what if the inspiring book you just read had not been written, due to the author not feeling good enough?

What if the blog that just helped your friend heal from a lethal disease had not been posted publicly?

What if Rosa Parks had sat quietly in the back of the bus?

What if Greatness was stifled in the name of modesty ?

Never underestimate the power of one’s voice, one’s hand, one’s brilliance.

Because you see, there is the direct impact of what we do, or don’t do, and then there is the ripple effect…

The ripple effect of shining our light, of raising our voice, of sharing our specific talents, no matter what they are.

That is always bigger than us.

That is what we benefit from, ages after the source of the light has passed away.

The bottom line is that we are very powerful beings if we let ourselves be so.

When we hold back from going full out, we deny the world the benefit of our own unique brilliance.

And one day it’s over. We leave this plane.

So why holding back?

Why not take a chance and go out and be the vector of all goodness we can be, the voice that will be heard, the comfort that’s needed, the inspiration that’s wanted, the spark that ignites…

Besides… It’s a lot more fun being gloriously you than trying to be anything else!

Let’s dare being seen as who we truly are, and shine as bright as we can, exactly from where we are today, and broadcast for those who aspire to hear more, who want to be inspired, who dare not yet be fully visible… so they can follow suit and make the world a little bit brighter, every day… Here is a fabulously inspiring video of Jim Carrey talking so masterfully about this: take a minute, it’s a real treat: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IHHF8h-zcas

You are brilliant, dear one, and so am I, so let’s shine and enjoy the ride even more.

Much love


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