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The Growing Edge

No matter what one desires, wants or longs for, it will require to transform oneself in the process.
It’s very simple really: what we are (our way of being) is a perfect fit to the results we are having.
If we want a bigger life, we need to become bigger in ourselves.
Longing for more is natural because we know, intuitively, that we are MEANT to be more.

Life in us is ever wanting to expand.
Our soul knows that and is pulling for growth.
We often (many people do) muffle that burning desire and keep ourselves small, adjusted, fitted to the “normality” around us, making ourselves ignore the pull, the longing, the vital need, because it seems easier that way.

We all have an inventory of great excuses to keep our wings bound tight…
And it is unfortunate because by doing so we miss out on becoming fully what we came here to be.
Though unfulfilled, we keep on getting along, getting by, making it right, daring not upset the fragile balance of our daily lives.
But it has a dire cost: the longer we ignore the tug of our soul, the more unhappy we become… our inner need for freedom and for growth is such that we even get ourselves physically sick when we ignore its call.

We need to give ourselves permission to grow. No matter what.
Because when we don’t grow, we weaken, we hurt, we loose ourselves.
There is no neutral point : we either grow or we shrink down.

There is a little voice in us clamoring for more life-giving goals, more purpose, more brilliance.
If we ever get quiet and willing to give attention to it, it is there, it never dies.

So what does it take to live according to our soul ?
It requires for us to stay on the growing edge of ourselves, to deliberately engage with Life every day, to notice what really makes us come alive, feel happy, feel fulfilled, and to take leaps of faith to do a lot more of that. It entails shedding old layers of ourselves and stretch out, try new ways, new connections, new perspectives… new thoughts.
We need to walk through our fears when beyond them is a larger version of us.

We need to learn when knowledge is needed, to practice when skills are involved, to commit and do what it takes to become who we really are.
When we live on the green growing edge of our becoming, we tell the universe that we are ready to go further.
We let it known that we are available for our true purpose.
We free ourselves from the shackles of conventional limitations to stretch our beautiful wings and soar.
Exploring uncharted territories is exhilarating and it is what makes us evolve as a whole species because when one of us goes further, we all have access to a larger life.
To our growth!

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