Savoring What is…

Sometimes we want something to happen and we work our tail off, we learn, we practice, we reach, we strive… and in a very anti climatic way, things appear to stay the same.
It is very tempting to get frustrated and to start looking for what we do wrong, what we miss, what should be and what should not.
Meanwhile, we lose track of our precious now.
This present moment.

Present as in GIFT.

If we don’t give our unconditional love to Life as she is rushing in our veins right now, chances are we will keep reaching for tomorrow, making it a kind of Graal that shines on the horizon of our desire… Always further, always in the future.
And unfortunately keeping it so: unreached.
There is a paradox in which every self-master, every co-creator, every conscious manifestor lives and can get comfortable with: the seemingly opposed sharp focus on a goal AND the exquisite abandon of oneself is the absolute beauty of now.
It can be tricky indeed.
We want, we wish, we aspire, we envision… and that is natural, it’s our nature, it’s a good propeller because effectively every day it will push us further into the rabbit hole of self-discovery and realization.
But we can’t do this at the price of losing our love story with what we are now.
Now, we are alive.
Now we are here.
Now we are conscious and free.
Now we can do.
We can think.
We can BE.
How wonderful is that? The simple and wondrous fact that I AM… now.

I am and I feel, I explore and I experience Life, I connect and I belong, I give and I receive… I am in my life right now.
It is what it is, it is what I make it.
It is my unopened gift of this day, this minute, this place…
I can choose to see it as the most precious nugget of gold waiting to be made into a jewel, or to neglect and discard it as just another moment.
And it will be lost for ever.
Every moment is an open quantum portal of realization.
Every moment deserves to be celebrated.

When we live our life from that state of awareness it becomes this unfolding wonder, this perpetual awestruck presence to itself, this flowing feeling of gratitude…
And that, as a matter of fact is exactly the frequency at which miracles happen seamlessly.
But it can not be the other way around… we bring ourselves inside that conscious state of being and then, we walk through portal after portal…

It’s all about savoring the fleeting moment.
No matter what it looks like.
This is our life. Unfolding. Not a second to be wasted.
Savor even the stillness, the apparently non-happening dream.
That’s the secret bridge to it.
And maybe something unexpected will come.
Maybe that dream of ours will dissolve and fade, but in the mean time…
You’ll be having an intense and gratifying love affair with Life itself.
What can be better than this?
To your unfathomable now.

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