The wind under our wings

Do you want more?
More happiness, more peace, more money, more friends, more love… more freedom?
More justice in the world? More respect for women?
More sanity, more kindness, more whales, more clean air ?
It is in our very nature to want growth, to reach out, to hope, to long for…
No matter where we are, and at what level of ease or accomplishment, we are rigged toward expansion.
Everything alive is.
Any tree out there is doing its best to become as tall and mighty as it can. Until it dies, it never stops.

The universe itself is expanding all the time. We are part of that tremendous momentum.
There is no standing still.
When we stop growing, we start dying.
Then what about the wisdom of being happy with what one’s already got, and peace residing in accepting what is?
They are both valid.
What is now is the platform from where I happily launch myself into the bigger, wiser, richer, lighter version of me! Now is all I have. Ever. Now is where I create what will be now tomorrow.
Now is where I create momentum.
Now is where I create my life. Now. This minute. This instant. Can you feel the power of that?
The day I read this quote about all of us having exactly 24 hours per day, me, Einstein, Steve Jobs, Oprah, the UPS guy, my mentor… it clicked.

Something in me really got it: I am responsible for my results.
I am free to use these 24 hours toward growth or to squander them.
With every little choice I make day after day, hour after hour, I master the trajectory of my entire existence.
Wow. Talk about about a breakthrough! So freeing.
But no matter how significant and illuminating my breakthroughs can be, they tend to fade quickly with time… And so do resolutions, ideas, desires, and to do lists…

Did you notice how what was so exciting and bright yesterday can be dull and look like too much effort today?

That’s our human nature as well. We like our comfort don’t we?
Mmhhh… what are we to do then? What’s the recipe? Where’s the magic wand?

The answer my friend is in the wind. The wind under our wings.
Our wings alone are not enough, as wonderful as they are…
To keep moving forward, to stay up there soaring and banking and gliding and laughing, we need the air, the support, the bolstering environment. Awareness. Commitment. Practice. Little steps. Yes… with one more ingredient. Support.
The nourishing environment in which we can do nothing but thrive.
Gardeners know it well: for a plant to grow and flourish, it needs an environment that supports it. Soil, water, temperature, sun, shade, nutrients, weedless space, and even loving talk, will help it become the most that it can be.

We are exactly like that. What we surround ourselves with will make a huge difference.

So much for the lone wolf’s habits… And believe me, I know these.
No matter how far I’d be willing and able to go all by myself, I know now that I’ll go further if I give myself the support to keep me going strong.
Choosing who we spend time with, what we talk about, what we read, what we listen to, what we watch and what we learn, all matter tremendously.
That’s why having a mentor, a coach, a peer group, a course, a club, a circle of like minded achievers is pivotal to our growth.

In truth the one most life-changing investment I can make is always in myself.
Sounds selfish? Not at all.
When I grow, when I am happier, when I am clearer, richer, wiser, I serve the world better.
Not only it gives me deep joy, living on the green growing edge of myself is the best service I can give others.
People around me benefit by proxy. My family, my friends, my co-workers, my neighborhood, the world, benefit from it. I benefit when you grow.
Can you see it? We are in this together.

Each of us is part of the whole becoming. When you grow I grow.
Let’s be each other’s wind shall we ?

Much love to you, and blessings for a year of flying and growing…


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