Assuming Perfection

Unexpected things happen.
(See my latest blog post about cracking my sternum bone on Christmas eve…)
Sometimes they really are a far cry from what we wish, and it is tempting to judge what is happening as “bad” or unfortunate. Or simply untimely and annoying.
Very tempting indeed, and socially normal.
We spend a lot of time in our western culture, talking about our burdens, mishaps and various ailments, as if they were dissonances in the fabric of what we call a good life, accidents, random events we would do better without. As if they should not be there.

It takes a lot of practice to start looking at unexpected things in a positive way, no matter what the circumstance is.
To some people it seems almost impossible, and at the very least, callous or delusional.

But bear with me for a minute.
What if what happens was absolute perfection, delivered at the very right time, to serve our growth and our evolution?

What if everything was a gift?

Circumstances being the wrapping it comes in.
Sometimes we may not like the wrapping, but still, we can choose to open it with curiosity, with gratitude, for what good will come out of it…
We can choose to expect the universe to deliver perfectly (you know, the same universe that keeps billions of stars and planets going around ?) and welcome what is happening, no matter what, as a present (yes, the gift of now so to speak).
We can choose to assume perfection.
It is what it is. What will I choose to do with this…?
It is about receiving with grace.

Call it faith, call it trust, call it optimism… It completely transforms our relationship with Life.
By giving a chance to our destiny to unfold smoothly, serendipitously, for the best outcome if we trust it… and explore it.
Not only it frees us from the self-inflicted pain of fighting what is happening, but it opens our consciousness to a new perception, therefore a new outcome.
Don’t get me wrong: it has nothing to do with resignation or apathy!

If one readily ACCEPTS what is happening, and immediately assumes that some good can come from it, one makes Life welcome.
Everything in my life becomes as precious as the next.
If we endeavor to have a fulfilling and happy life, this is a great way to make every day belong to it, as a part of the whole, flowlessly, fluidly, congruently.

Try it for yourself, start with the weather, or cancelled appointments, or bills, and work your way up the scale of what you’ll be tempted to call “bad stuff”… see what happens.
Am I able to do it every single time? No, but I am getting pretty good at it and it makes a big difference.

It’s an amazing practice that brings us in harmony with every bit of our existence because it IS our existence, like a big patchwork where each scrap is as important as the next for the beauty of the whole…
Besides, it makes everything easier, and ever more so as we go…

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