Leadership Versus Authority

Recently I have been observing what I call “little power” at a local level; meanwhile I just completed my Toastmasters Competent Leadership manual, and nationwide we have been exposed daily to elections madness for a while…
So I have been pondering…
What is true leadership ?
Something quite different from hierarchical power, actually.
Today we still live in a hierarchy model, over all.
No matter at what level or amplitude it plays, the core of the system is based on separation and the delusional idea of entitlement through delegation of authority.
In my view, it’s obsolete, primitive and bound to disappear as we evolve to a higher degree of consciousness.

True leadership is so much more!
It starts wit Intention and Awareness.

True leaders are passionate, inspiring, supportive and respectful.
They intend to serve growth as an evolutionary principle.
They don’t push an agenda, they aim for optimum results.

The fundamental difference between an entitled authority figure and a true leader is the frame in which they think and function.
1/ Authority’s small frame: us versus them. Separation. Position increases value. Elevated position allows authority in thought and in actions. Manager over employee. Officer over rank.
2/ Leadership’s large frame: we are one humanity. When one of us evolves we all do. You and I have the same intrinsic value. No position changes that value. Positions are transient. We are not our position.
We are peers in experiencing the curriculum of Life.

Leadership at its highest form includes a deep genuine respect in all interactions.
It offers fearless sharing of personal values and invites creativity and innovation.
A true leader is looked up to, appreciated, emulated, respected and loved.
There is true connection to the being rather than deference for the commanding position.
A high consciousness leader thinks of other people as equals.
Maybe not in skills, or knowledge, or responsibilities; but in human value.
In Life currency.
By the quality and the clarity of their faith in their vision and in others, true leaders pull other people up.
Awaken leaders don’t need to use coercive tools.
The slap on the wrist is no more necessary than the rewarding bonus.
In fact as soon as these tools are used, we are back to a lesser level of leadership.

I believe high consciousness leadership on a large scale is the next step in our human evolution.
As for now, we individually have the choice to live from our highest degree of consciousness… knowing that it ripples into the world surrounding us, for ever.

To your true leader-self.

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