Self-Acceptance: a safe space for growth

Though we may talk about Self-Care and (reluctantly) about Self-Love, we seldom really approach Self-Acceptance.Self-Acceptance? Hhhmmm…. Sounds very self-centered, and reeks of indulgence, somewhat. How could this allow me to ever outgrow my shortcomings, perform at my best, be an inspiration, be successful?I would have to accept the whole of me? I would have to …

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The swirl (relax it’s just a thought storm!)

The Swirl (Relax, it’s only a thought storm!)Sometimes I get all in my head.You know what I mean. I dive into thought.All kinds of elaborated variations around whatever fear or doubt is going on.About anything.I know better. I learned that I should not believe all my thoughts. They come and go.They don’t reflect reality; most of the time they even …

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Hello everyone!The first tool and forever main, in the process of transforming one’s life, is Awareness.Awareness is literally the compass by which one keeps adjusting the trajectory of one’s every step.It gives us specific, reliable knowledge of our current situation and surroundings, of our shifts of emotion and generally of the relationship moment by moment …

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