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The stories we live by

When we let ourselves follow the conventional trend and believe we are randomly subjected to outer circumstances, we tend to focus on, talk about and live from these circumstances.We have a story to tell and it is usually a story where events are out of our reach for the most part and where we feel

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Unmitigated Grateful Receiving

The end of 2016 for all people living by this calendar, represents the end of a cycle and the beginning of a new one.Of course Life keeps on doing what Life does… regardless of calendars.But symbolic markers are good opportunities to take stock, to reflect and to ponder.Who have we been and how did we

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Blown in leaves trompe l'oeil in a home entryway

About daring to take an odd commissioned work…

What to do if you are an artist or a free-lance professional in any case, and a potential client comes to you asking for an odd job? Something related to what you do generally, but not quite in your usual range,not in your comfort zone ? I had this happen about a year ago when

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Inner Peace is a Practice

It has been said that peace of mind is to be sought more than gold itself for it is an unsurpassable riches.But being deliberately serene, consistently, in the face of most circumstances, is not part of our culture.In fact, it is considered normal to react and to be very affected by circumstances, on a regular

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The art of shifting

A lot has been said about quantum leaps and Gosh! when they do happen, they are quite miraculous… we love them. Meanwhile in a much quieter way, there is the life transforming effect of shifting.Change can be daunting, even when we wish and long for it.We are paradoxical beings and it is not unusual to

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Peaceful paintings to uplift the world

Many years ago I chose to put my skills as a painter into delivering peaceful imagery to the world. I did not start that way. In my early years I would paint and draw randomly, in as many directions as my pencil would take me. I guess the simple act of drawing was enough, in

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Feng Shui your creative flow

What do Feng Sui and creative flow have in common will you ask ? They are both about energy flow. (As is everything anyway). I have been an independent artist for many years. My quality of life literally depends on my creative flow. So it’s something I watch, nurture and surrender to, on a daily

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Hello everyone!The first tool and forever main, in the process of transforming one’s life, is Awareness.Awareness is literally the compass by which one keeps adjusting the trajectory of one’s every step.It gives us specific, reliable knowledge of our current situation and surroundings, of our shifts of emotion and generally of the relationship moment by moment

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Knowing versus doing

By learning new concepts and new tools we acquire knowledge.That means we are able to talk about the matter.We can answer questions.We could even teach basic principles.Yes. That is knowing.After years of learning about the law of attraction, metaphysical principles, energy shifts, vibrational energy and other tools for manifesting one might wonder: “How comes I

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Manifesting Results

It’s funny how when we forget that particular truth, Life itself finds very efficient ways to remind us!If we are practicing Awareness, it helps us put whatever happens in context and use it as feedback, so that when Life sends us a reminder, we do realize that it is only that: a reminder…We do have

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Intention is the back bone of everything purposeful.Without intention we act on whims, unconscious patterns, outside influences or fleeting desires. Without intention we sail without a rudder and we are the toy of circumstances.Hence the need to be very clear on what is our core Intention in life. It is worth pondering and bringing to

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The Power of I am

The words “I AM” are translated in famous verses from the Torah as “being God’s name”.The Holiness in us, is said to be brought up with those words. Either versed into biblical study or not, we all use the words “I am” and few of us are aware of their power upon our lives, at

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