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Compassion vs depletion

While looking for the good in everything and practicing happiness from the inside out, I often come across people who feel depressed and defeated or angry and belligerent, by reaction to the state of the world around us and I remember that a long time ago I used to feel that way… From a dispirited

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pansy flower growing through cement

Wholeness in the face of circumstances

We are bigger than our circumstances. Resilience is what makes us stay the course and break through when most have given up. What keeps the athlete get back up up and finish the race. The grits to believe in betterment and solutions. Faith in being bigger than any circumstance. Resilience is the difference between breaking

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The things we take for granted

The things we take for granted… As the first month of this year unfolded, and it seemed with great velocity, I found myself faced with a few unexpected challenges, one being a brutal cold that put me in bed with fever, for several days, weak as a kitten… I am very rarely sick and this

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Self-Compassion to heal the world

Dear one, on your transformational journey to a happier and more fulfilling life, you are surely practicing compassion to bestow more benevolence onto our world… Compassion permits harmonious co-existence in extreme diversity; by being non-judgemental and wishing peace and wellness to everyone, we create a safe and sacred space for all, and we bring more

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Forgiveness: A personal, emotional unshackling

Forgiveness is a struggle for most of usForgiveness is the inner work triggering in us the most resistance though it is the most powerful healing tool we have at our fingertips at any time.So why do we resist so much the emotional release, the liberation that true forgiveness can bring us? Because there is a

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Ode to the day

A new day, untouched, to savor and co-create!Every morning I wake up with the same joyful anticipation one has just before a long awaited event, like Christmas morning or a departure for an exotic vacation… Here is a brand new day ahead, untouched, a precious package of 24 hours for me to unwrap, to infold,

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True self, power and vulnerability

Recognition: we long to belong.Being validated by and belonging to a human group has been recognized as an essential need in all human beings.We crave appreciation. Acceptance and valuation in the eyes of others. It is a very deep need. Fulfillment of which is a vital factor for harmonious development… Risky businessBecause of this crucial

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Self-empowerment and responsibility

There is tremendous power in taking entire responsibility for our lives and the results we get. Unfortunately, when we grew up believing that Lady Luck is calling the shots and that Life is something happening randomly to us, the concept of complete responsibility can ruffle our feathers a bit.Some people occasionally get angry and react

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Knowing What You Don't Know

Growing as an artist involves knowing what we don’t know

There is a lot of preconceived notions about artists; a major one is: Artists are not business people. Most of the time with the exception of a few, artists are not interested in the business part of their craft and that is widely and deeply supported by the popular notion above. Self verifying concept… We

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Why crisis is good news

Crisis is a mistaken giftWhen crisis enters our life we tend to cringe and fight and resist rather than understand what it really means and how we will benefit from it.It is human nature to be afraid of anything that upsets our current equilibrium, and when crisis knocks at our door we are most likely

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Be Unstoppable

The only way to get somewhere is to move toward it.This is not an earth shattering statement is it? But then, if we don’t apply its simple truth, we stay stuck.Tomorrow will be at best like today. And then again. And again.Our goal will be like a speck on the horizon, not getting any closer.In

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The Gift

Years ago, I used to feel slightly irked when people told me what a “gift” I had.      When told about my gift it felt like thousands of hours of work, spent honing my skills, were being dismissed, replaced in people’s mind by a magic and effortless delivery of which I was the lucky beneficiary. But

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