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Holiday stress: the yoke’s on you!

There is no denying the elevated number of people who get either stressed out or depressed or both, when comes holiday season. Many factors play out in this, and my aim is not to over-simplify, here, only to offer a perspective to possibly lighten these negative feelings. Possibly let go of them for ever. First

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Artistry of living

“Truly, the greatest gift you have to give is that of your own self-transformation.” ~Lao Tzu What if you had a recipe, a blueprint, an insider knowledge to craft each day and make it great?What if you mastered the art of joyful living, so much so that you could teach it to your kids, your

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You, me, and the whole beautiful mess…

A few years ago I made friends on a FaceBook group with a woman I did not know. This was a very improbable friendship, as many things could have separated us. As time went, our convictions, opinions, political orientation, showed strongly different, at opposite ends of the spectrum, apparently. But we had connected, and “liked”

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Are your survival skills keeping you from thriving?

As Life unfolds, we build up very useful survival skills.Thank goodness, we do. So we can survive a lot a circumstances, horrendous, traumatic, or just slowly spirit eroding ones…Our beautiful brain is constantly reshaping itself to adapt and integrate new data, new environment, new situations and so forth. From birth to death, our brain is

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Life-changing agreements

A little while ago, in the course of a deep conversation with a coaching client of mine, we were contemplating the life changing habit of creating agreements vs having expectations, in ANY form of relationship. Seeing my client’s reaction to our exploration prompted me to share this with you. Choosing deliberately to create agreements is

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Coherence as a tool for growth

No matter what we are after, we’ll get it best by being coherent on a daily basis.By that I mean that my daily choices, actions, words, intentions and ordinary behaviors have to be coherent with my purpose. And on a deeper level, my purpose has to be aligned with my core values.Seems pretty straight forward,

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The full Monty

Here is something I’d love to share, because if you are at all like me (a human being living in the 21st century I mean), it might really resonate one day and be the hinge on which you’ll swing the door to a crazy good life. Many recipes, remedies, techniques, brightly promise to fix various

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Dare being seen in all your glory!

Dear one, A couple days ago a coaching conversation got me all fired up on a subject particularly close to my heart and I thought I’d share my thoughts with you… In our world full of shiny objects it’s amazing how reluctant most of us are to beam out own brightness into the world at

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The wind under our wings

Do you want more? More happiness, more peace, more money, more friends, more love… more freedom? More justice in the world? More respect for women? More sanity, more kindness, more whales, more clean air ? It is in our very nature to want growth, to reach out, to hope, to long for… No matter where

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light switch saying love on the top and fear on the bottom

Berfriending what is

Any of us can remember a day recent or not when “bad news” punched us in the stomach out of nowhere. Unexpected death of a dear one, drab diagnosis at the doctor’s office, loss of a family supporting job, dismissal from a partner, or less dramatic but much disruptive news, mishaps or accidents, they are

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We all have stories.Because we all have history. And we tend to take our stories (and oh! how they become well crafted with repetition) and use them as shields between us and the world. Between us and success, between us and growth. Between us and health. We identify to the person in the story (as

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5 foolproof steps to have a good day

Most people (of which I was for a long time) start their day mindlessly and let outside circumstances have their way with them, merely living in reaction to whatever presents itself. There is a much better way: we can elevate greatly the quality of our entire life with a few simple daily practices that makes

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