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Clarity of Purpose

Clarity of purpose is the booster of our dreams.Without clarity we have only a vague wish, a foggy vision, a distant relationship with our desire.So many levels of our life require that we be clear, it seems fair to say that clarity is, like awareness, a mental attitude to cultivate on a daily basis. Clarity

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Gratitude: A Magic Wand

If I had only one tool to give you, I’d choose to share the practice of Gratitude.To frequently engage in feeling grateful is an amazing practice.Now, I am not talking about having a fleeting thought here and there, but about genuine immersion of oneself in the luxury of gut warming, heart opening, joy inducing Gratitude.The

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We are powerful creators

We live in an intelligent universe where everything is vibration. Energy.We are ourselves vibrational beings in this world, so indeed we interact with it.It’s not optional, we do it constantly. Most of us do it unaware.We are endlessly emitting vibrations; endlessly attracting.The universe organizes itself around us relatively.But I can choose what kind of thoughts

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Assuming Perfection

Unexpected things happen.(See my latest blog post about cracking my sternum bone on Christmas eve…)Sometimes they really are a far cry from what we wish, and it is tempting to judge what is happening as “bad” or unfortunate. Or simply untimely and annoying.Very tempting indeed, and socially normal.We spend a lot of time in our

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Beware of Self Talk

We are so used to our own inner chat that it is very easy to not notice what we actually tell ourselves on a daily basis.Unfortunately our inner voice is not always supportive of us, to say the least, and it is one of the most influential parameters in our ability to thrive or not.Very

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Attitude is Everything

It’s funny how when we forget that particular truth, Life itself finds very efficient ways to remind us!If we are practicing Awareness, it helps us put whatever happens in context and use it as feedback, so that when Life sends us a reminder, we do realize that it is only that: a reminder…We do have

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The Invisible Side of Growth

There is a very tricky stage in the process of deeply transforming one’s life and seeing tangible results that my mentor Mary Morrissey calls “the gap”.This is after a good while of faithfully applying and practicing new habits and new mind sets and advancing confidently in the direction of our dream most likely for months,

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WD40 for Relationships

There is a simple thing we can do that has the power to change any and all of our relationships for the better.A simple habit that makes everything easier: PRAISE.It is truly a game changer across the board, with our spouse, kids, friends, clients, co-workers, employees, employers, doctors, teachers, cashiers at the market, even the

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Savoring What is…

Sometimes we want something to happen and we work our tail off, we learn, we practice, we reach, we strive… and in a very anti climatic way, things appear to stay the same.It is very tempting to get frustrated and to start looking for what we do wrong, what we miss, what should be and

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Leadership Versus Authority

Recently I have been observing what I call “little power” at a local level; meanwhile I just completed my Toastmasters Competent Leadership manual, and nationwide we have been exposed daily to elections madness for a while…So I have been pondering…What is true leadership ?Something quite different from hierarchical power, actually.Today we still live in a

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Clarity: A Portal to Change

Unlike most of my posts and newsletters, this is an announcement! ^_^ I have been pondering about where and how I could be of service in a significant way, on demand, to people who don’t need a full coaching package but who feel momentarily hindered by confusion or doubt, about one single circumstance or issue

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The Growing Edge

No matter what one desires, wants or longs for, it will require to transform oneself in the process. It’s very simple really: what we are (our way of being) is a perfect fit to the results we are having. If we want a bigger life, we need to become bigger in ourselves.Longing for more is

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